About Us

Hi there! ^_^ My name is Annika and I am the owner of anniscrafts.
anniscrafts has a lot of kawaii/ cute products, mostly handmade polymer clay charms, jewellery items and other craft related products.

I started polymer clay around 5-7 years ago but only in about 2012 I got more into clay and started to make more charms and got more equipment.

In 2014 my boyfriend gave me an idea of starting to sell stuff online to make profit and I thought of making my own online shop where I can sell anything handmade, stationery or anything crafty.

I was really excited about that idea so a few months later I started doing even more clay charms and buying crafts stock ready for my shop.

Since February 2016 I’ve started to make stickers and I’ve been addicted to creating more stickers every day. And excited to add more items to the shop.

And now it’s here – www.anniscrafts.com

Feel free to contact me annika@anniscrafts.com for any more questions.

Thank you!